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Based on its experience acquired in numerous industrial applications in electrochemistry in the automotive and aeronautical sectors, Sermatec Industry has developed cutting-edge expertise in the design, manufacturing, installation of production means and automated and robotic islands. This expertise applies both to electrochemical machining machines and to other equipment such as washing, control, vision machines, palletizing and conveying installations, etc. Solutions INDUSTRY

Our expertise

Sermatec Industry takes care of the complete study, production and integration of special machines within automated islands. Our scope of collaboration is broad and can include the following missions:

  • Design by a mechanical design office as well as an electrical automation design office.
  • The manufacture of machining and deburring machines by electrochemistry meeting current production constraints (automation, cost reduction, maintainability, user safety, etc.).
  • The manufacture of deburring and electrochemical machining tools for Sermatec Industry machines or competitive machines.
  • Proposals for pre- and post-treatment solutions for electrochemistry (such as washing machines).
  • Production of pre-series parts in electrochemistry.
  • Validation of parameters and solutions on our installations.
  • The manufacture and installation of special machines, control, industrial vision, traceability, conveying and packaging.
  • The supply of a robotic or automated island including a Sermatec Industry production means but also related elements provided by the customer.
  • Carrying out machine and tool receptions in our premises.
  • The development of machines and tools by a Sermatec Industry technician as well as complete qualification according to our customers’ procedures.
  • Training our clients’ teams.
  • The tool maintenance and warranty program, a preventive and curative maintenance guide as well as lists of spare parts are provided with each machine.
  • Technical support in operation within 48 hours with fault diagnosis by telephone: remote connection, remote maintenance.
  • The proposal for 4.0 solutions.

Our means

Our achievements

“Made in SERMATEC Industry” machines with a robust and innovative design are designed around customer needs. They are the assurance for our customers of acquiring equipment adapted to their type of production. Each SERMATEC Industry machine is controlled interactively in all its driving modes (manual, automatic, maintenance) using a large touch screen. Each application developed uses and integrates various elements or principles such as vision, control, marking, traceability, robotization, etc.

Single station ECM machine

ECM machines of different designs adapted to customer needs: single station, double station, special…

Double station ECM machine

ECM machines of different designs adapted to customer needs: single station, double station, special…

Special ECM machine

ECM machines of different designs adapted to customer needs: single station, double station, special…

Automated island

Automated, robotic islands for loading, palletizing, various handling.

Processing center

Treatment plants to supply, filter, monitor and regulate electrolyte and surface treatment baths.

Control machine

Control machines based on different technologies such as vision, digital contact sensor, mechanical control.

Washing machine

Dedicated washing machines for mechanical parts by spraying, injection or immersion.


Conveying systems for all types of parts or materials: mechanical parts, coke, etc.


Manual or automatic tools used in particular in ECM according to customer specifications.